Best Tips for Destination Weddings in Greece

Best Tips for Destination Weddings in Greece

Best Tips for your Destination Wedding in Greek Islands

If you have decided to have a destination wedding in Greece, then you are most probably aware that you are going to have a beautiful and memorable wedding reception for you and your guests!

There is a number of reasons why to pick up Greek islands for your destination wedding!

Not only there is great access by airplane in most Greek islands and daily scheduled boat trips, but also there is high quality in hotel facilities in competitive prices in comparison to other wedding destinations all over the world.

Greece has a long time tradition in hospitality and all touristic agencies provide excellent services and professional well educated staff. In ancient Greece, people prayed in the Greek God of hospitality Zeus, the father of all ancient Gods, who blessed the country to accept warmly all guests and serve them as serves close relatives. You will take a taste of this during your stay in Greece!

If you are planning to have a destination wedding in Greek islands, we would be honored to organize everything for you Bid Day! Before all, we have prepared a useful post of best tips for destination weddings in Greek islands! You can also take a closer idea by visiting our wedding portfolio of previous weddings in the Greek islands.

  • Decide on your budget

It is really important to decide how much money you are willing to spend on your wedding day. Consider everything on your budget breakdown, from the cost of the Marriage License, the wedding menu and drinks to the Wedding Flowers. Often, the couple offers a pre-wedding reception to the families and guests, in order to welcome and thank them for travelling from far away and also to familiarize guests to each other. This is a nice and advisable pre-wedding bonding event, which will safeguard the absolute success of the official wedding party! Include this to your wedding budget!

  • Decide the approximate number of your guests

Destination Weddings in general have a fewer number of guests in comparison to a wedding in the home place. Still, you have to make an estimation of how many guests you plan to invite and then, how many will finally manage to attend to your wedding. This is important in the selection of your wedding venue.  You have to make sure that the wedding venue is neither too small for your number of guests nor too big. Both cases will make people feel uncomfortable and you may not succeed the festive atmosphere you definitely are looking for your wedding party.

  •  Make an early planning

There are two main reasons why you should make early bookings for your destination wedding in Greek islands.  All vendors will be available for you to decide who is matching your preferences and wedding style. It is always better to choose rather than be chosen especially when it comes to your Big Day, your wedding. Early booking means lists of available venues, photographers, hotels, DJ’s, catering providers and much more. Late booking means… whatever! Second reason for your early destination wedding arrangements is your early notice to your families and guests. Most probably they will need to spend a considerable amount of money to travel for your big event, so be polite and give them an early notice, to book cheaper flights and organize their work leaves on time.

  •  Book a Greek Destination Wedding Planner

The wedding planner, like we do, can help you organize every single detail of your destination wedding in Greece taking out the stress that most couples feel before their wedding day. Your wedding planner can save you time and money, as she/ he can be responsible to make all necessary bookings and inspections before you, plus you take advantage of all special discounts she/he is having with local vendors. Another important role a wedding planner especially if you are having a civil or religious wedding, is the coordination of all legal wedding requirements, paperwork, marriage license and definitely the booking of the local registrar for your ceremony. You can never appreciate the excellent job a wedding planner does, unless you meet her/ him.

We are honored to help you on your destination wedding in Greece and provide you excellent wedding planning services for you and your guests.

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