Combo Wedding

Your Wedding Style is: Combo Wedding Style

Have you ever heard of the Combo Wedding Style? It is quite common for the future bride and groom, not to be able to decide exactly on the wedding style that best suits them. You definitely wish to have a special wedding, that will please all friends and relatives and at the same time you wish to enjoy all preparation period.

Wedding Planning starts approximately 6 months before the Big Day, and a lot of DIY elements are present on the Combo Wedding Style. It is more like a fiesta than a wedding, so what really matters the most, is to find practical ways to make all guests have an unforgettable day and night. Sparklers, photobooths and flash orchestra may give the surprise elements you are looking for! There might be some traditional elements as well. If for example the couple is Greek, you can have some traditional Greek songs that will cause a lot of dancing. But at the same time, modern party dance music will hit the dance floor!

The decoration will be based on beautiful color combinations, from natural flowers and candles will leave a magical essence on the wedding. Handmade products and DIY elements will offer the retro style that you wish and the food served will be cautiously selected! A lot of wine will be offered and tones of smiles will devote you an unbelievable Big Day!