Ecological Wedding

Your wedding style: Ecological Country Chic Wedding

You have a great eco- conciousness which you also want for your wedding. You do not care about the wedding ring, so you wish for an original proposal while you are both swimming under the full moon, or you have climbed on a top of a mountain and enjoy fresh air and mother nature. You both have wild spirits, love adventure and dislike most formalities, because you are used to enjoy life in an alternative way, closer to nature. You have an active role in society and recycle most of your waste. This is why you wish to have an alternative wedding as well. You wedding style is definitely an eco/ rustic chic.

Although you ignore trends and fashion, you still like elegance for you and your guest this is why you wish to design in advance every signle detail of your Big Day. Greek Weddings is here to offer its precious advice for this wonderful wedding style!

Being green usually saves you money, and in today’s economy this is probably reason enough to do it! By making simple substitutions and eco-conscious decisions, like choosing a location central to the majority of your guests, you can easily decrease your impact on the planet and the cost of your event simultaneously.

No matter how you choose to design your menu, using in-season local and/or organic foods will decrease the carbon footprint of your meal while supporting the local economy. Organic caterers and green restaurants create menus bursting with fresh, seasonal foods, but any company you choose should be able to work with you to add seasonal and/or organic elements where possible.

  • Use local, seasonal and organic flowers, which are never sprayed with toxic chemicals and at the same time lowers fuel consumption. In addition local flowers are often less costly than ordering exotic species as you avoid shipping costs.
  • Using all-natural beauty and hair products or seeking out a green salon for your wedding day will be much better for your health.
  • Choose a horse carriage for your wedding transportation. Not only you will look and feel like a princess but also you will avoid carbon dioxide emission to the environment.
  • Add local flavors to your beverages by using local wines and other beverages.