Getting Married in Greece

Getting Married in Greece

How can we get married in Greece?

We receive many requests from couples asking us how they can get married in Greece. So, we thought about creating this informative article about all possible ways you can get married here.

We identify three different ways of getting married in Greece. You can have an Orthodox Religious Wedding, a Civil Wedding Reception and a Symbolic Vow Wedding.

Since there is a lot of bureaucracy in organizing all the wedding papers, it is quite wise to hire a professional wedding planner to do the hard work for you. You can always contact us to arrange this for you. Apart from the paperwork you need to know that unless you both have the Christian religion, it is not possible to have an Orthodox Religious Ceremony in Greece.   If you are a Catholic and an Orthodox, you can have a Religious Wedding but if you believe in any other religion then the Orthodox wedding is impossible.

The second and most popular way for tourists to get married in Greece is by having a Civil Wedding Reception.  There is again some paperwork but by hiring a wedding planner things become much easier. Since you require arranging a meeting with a Civil Servant to authorize your wedding the wedding planner can help you with that. The civil servant is the one who will make the reception and after signing the necessary documents you will be married!

The third way is to make a symbolic wedding in Greece. Even if you want to get married in the Greek Islands or mainland this is the easiest and paper free way to do so with or without witnesses. You have a proper symbolic reception for you and your loved ones, exchange vows of love and have the best wedding photo album for your record. You may before or after the symbolic wedding in Greece have an official wedding under the Justice department of your country of origin.

In case you want to have a wedding in Greece, please find out below the necessary documents you need to gather prior to your wedding day.

  • Copies of bride’s and groom’s passports.


  • Marriage License and Registration Of Marriage from your City Hall with the authenticated translation in Greek.

In the event that the Marriage License is not easy to acquire, each of you can obtain a “Single Status” letter accompanied by the authenticated translation in Greek.The “Single Status” letter is a document issued from your country’s consulate or embassy that ensures that there is not a problem for you to get married.

  •  Full Birth Certificates for each of you: the shorter version of the Certificate will not be accepted.

Certificate of No Impediment or Marriage Licence*, this document certifies that both parties are free to marry and can be obtained from your local registrar and can take up to a month to obtain, this certificate must not be issued more than three months prior to the wedding date (officially stamped and translated into Greek).

  •  Divorce or Death Certificate, if previously married a certified copy of the divorce decree or death certificate if marriage ended due to the death of spouse. (officially stamped and translated into Greek).
  • Wedding Announcement published in 2 newspapers (country of residence and country of marriage) at least 8 days before the marriage. The Announcement must state the full names of the bride & groom, date of wedding and place of residence. This is not required if both names appear on the Certificate of No Impediment.
  •  Payment: 150 Euros municipal tax for marriage at the Town Hall (extra charges may be made for other locations). 15 Euros Tax Stamp (paid in Greece to the Treasury Fund)This costs are subject to change without notice from the government.


The Greek Authorities require that all documents requested (except Divorce decree) must be issued no more that 3 or 1 month prior to the wedding date.

The couple must spend at least 7 overnights in Greece prior the civil, orthodox or catholic wedding ceremony date as required by the Greek Law.

During the marriage, the couple must have their Identity Cards / passports and two witnesses (over 18 and with Identity Cards / passport).

The marriage must be registered within forty days of the wedding day

The following may also be required:

– Application Form (provided by the Town Hall. Not needed when both names are registered on the certificate of no impediment).

– Residence Permit (if either the bride or groom is resident in Greece)

– Change of Name or Deed Poll Certificate, this is required in the event that the bride or groom has changed name by Deed Poll or court order. (officially stamped and translated into Greek).

– Adoption Certificate required if either party was adopted. (officially stamped and translated into Greek).

– Court Decision For Minors Under 18 (officially stamped and translated into Greek).


  • Note 1:All foreign documents (before being translated) must have the Hague stamp ΄΄Apostille΄΄ (for documents of countries which have signed this Treaty) and these must be completed at least one month before the wedding.For the remaining countries, instead of the Hague stamp, a certification of the signature of the person signing the foreign text is required from the Greek Consulate in the country of issue of the certificate or from the consulate of the country itself in Greece and then from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Note 2:All foreign documents (except passports) must be officially translated into Greek from the Greek consulate in the country of issue or from the translating service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens or from a Greek lawyer


Please bring all your original documents with you to Greece.

At least two other people must be present as witnesses in order to declare to the community that the wedding has taken place.

The day after your ceremony you will receive an officially signed marriage certificate.



Your marriage certificate will be valid internationally.


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