Greek Style Wedding

Greek Style Wedding

Greek Style Wedding: Greek Wedding Planner 

Greece has a long time tradition in weddings and celebrating happy moments is definetely part of the Greek mentality!

Since ancient times the wedding celebration was lasting 3 days and was consisted of a three part ceremony. The proaulia which was the pre -wedding celebration, the gamos which was the actual wedding and the epaulia which was the post-wedding reception.

Although a long period has passed, weddings in modern Greece, have still things in common to the original ancient Greek style weddings. Followed by our experience in organising weddings all over Greece, we are ready to provide you with several tips for your absolute Greek style wedding reception!

If you are looking for a Greek Style Wedding then you need to follow our 5 top tips for “the most” Greek Wedding ever!

  • Use Olives in any way you may imagine. On your invitation, on your wedding decoration, on the tables, on your bridal bouquet or groom buttonhole, on your wedding wreaths. You can even offer wedding favors made from olive to your guests! They will love it!
  • While deciding on the menu, use a lot of vegetables, fish and fresh fruits! And do not forget to cook your meal using olive oil!
  • Serve a lot of wine to your wedding reception! You can find tones of original Greek wines in the market so pick up a red and a white wine to satisfy all of your guests! Make sure to keep your white wines in a refrigerator and use wine glasses for serving as by this way all aromas will be released.
  • Dance syrtaki! This is a typical fast moving dance, where all guests are dancing while on circle holding one another from the arm.
  • Drink shots of ouzo or raki. This is a Greek stilled alcoholic drink, used mainly as an apetiser after dinner which you can also enjoy with or without anis.

We are a top Greek wedding planning agency and we are proud to design your wedding in Greece.We can organise your magical wedding in Greek islands or mainland all over the year. Since Destination Weddings are becoming more and more popular for all Greek islands, your decision to get married in Greece is definetely a wise one! You will get in love with the country, the hospitality of its people, the amazing beaches and crystal clean waters, the food and of course the vast selections on wedding venues you have! As top Greek wedding planners we can safeguard you have the divine wedding you have been dreaming of all your life!


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