Greek Wedding Planner

Greek Wedding Planner

In case you are looking for a wedding planner in order to organise your wedding in Greece, then you have found the best partner! You are dreaming of a wedding on the beach? Are you thinking of white linens and lots of candles surrounding you on your first dance? Are you looking for the best wedding photography that will keep your memories for a lifetime? Have you dreamed of a fantastic view of the Aegean blue sea during your wedding reception? Then , it is time to book your tickets for Greece. Your destination wedding in the most romantic country of the Mediterranean is about to start!

What does the wedding planning period include? We can provide you with the best wedding planning consultation in Greece in order to take out the stress of the big day and provide you with all your wedding needs. Destination weddings are sometimes a tough job for the couple, so we advise you to use our services and hire a Greek wedding planner like we do, so to have the magical wedding you wish.

We can organise everything you want for your destination wedding in Greek islands or mainlands!

What does your wedding planner in Greece do for you?

  • We help you decide on the islands that suits you the most.
  • We propose the wedding venue based on your preferences and budget.
  • We suggest hotel capacities for you, your families and guests.
  • We book your wedding photographer and/or videographer.
  • We coordinate with local Registrar for all the legal paperwork and set a date.
  • We provide you with numerous wedding decoration ideas and moodboards.
  • We propose selected professionals for your hairstyle and make up.
  • We help you select your wedding cake and favours.
  • We arrange with local florists for your bridal bouquets, groom buttonhole and others.
  • We suggest trustworthy catering services.
  • We propose wedding surprises and special effects to impress your guests.
  • We organise bonding nights and pre-wedding parties for your guests.
  • We keep a close eye on your budget and safeguard not exceeding it.
  • We are present at your wedding to manage and supervise everything.

It is the most beautiful day of your life and you deserve nothing less than perfection! By hiring a Greek wedding planner you can enjoy the excellent wedding planning period without stress and be sure that your vendors are credible partners.

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Let us plan your wedding reception in Greece! The only think you need to do is dream your wedding!

Contact us today to get a quotation based on your wedding planning needs! We are proud to organise your wedding!

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