Greek Wedding

Greek Wedding

Organising a Greek Wedding is an amazing experience for a destination couple!

Greece is a top wedding destination and traveling for a wedding reception in the Greek islands can be an unforgettable experiece for the couple and the guests!

How to organise a Greek Wedding?

Traditional Greek Wedding is usually a combination of different wedding details, that your Wedding Planner in Greece can advise you in depth about.

Greek Wedding Planning

Book a wedding venue that is nearby the sea. Greece has thousands of beach bars in almost all of the Greek islands and Greek shores that can tranform your wedding into a fantastic beach party! You can literally feel the sea water on your feet or you can change wedding vows on an amazing sea washed deck!

Your Greek Wedding Planner is the key person to advise you on the menu! Greek gastronomy is based on the Mediterranean diet and one can enjoy fresh fish, local meat, a lot of vegetables that are products of Greek nature  and fruits. You can also enjoy great quality wines as there are a lot of wineries all over the country that produce excellent quality of wines. You cannot avoid also tasting the amazing Greek syrup sweets made by seasonal fruits!

For a traditional Greek Wedding, you can ask your wedding planner to organise you a band of Greek musicians and a group of Greek dancers that will entertain your guests and make the wedding reception rock!

Decorating your wedding venue in a Greek style, usually means adding olive tree branches or Aegean islands blue elements to the decoration set up. Your wedding planner can provide you with unlimited design ideas!

Lastly, an important detail on your traditional Greek Wedding is the wedding favor you will offer to your guests. An oil olive bottle, a small bunch of Greek natural herbs, ouzo alcoholic drink with personalized labels and tags for every guest could be an ideal traditional wedding gift!

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