Legal Documents Required to Get Married in Greece

Legal Documents Required to Get Married in Greece

Many couples wish to get married in Greece, although their permanent residence is not in the Hellenic Republic.

We have prepared an article for all those couples that want to get married anywhere in Greece, explaining what are the required legal documents to get married in Greece.

Please be aware, that things may change so you better ask a wedding agency, like us, before arriving in Greece.

Papers that are required to have a civil wedding in Greece:

  • Passport Copies of both bride and groom
  • Full Birth Certificate 
  • Certificate of non impediment to get married for both. This paper can be issued by bride’s and groom’s local Registrar office and no sooner than 3 months before the wedding day
  • If already divorced, you need a divorce certificate or a certified copy of the Decree Absolute
  • Apostille Stamp to all the documents ( This stamps proves the legalization and validity of all documents for international use)
  • Stay at least 1 day after the wedding ceremony to sign all papers to the nearest Town Hall and sign the Marriage Certificate (if the wedding ceremony is taking place everywhere but in the Town Hall)

For citizens outside the EU different papers for their wedding in Greece may be required, so please, contact us for more details.

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