The role of the wedding planner

The role of the wedding planner

Wedding Planner

Sometimes, people ask me if my job is really necessary for couples. Some others even believe that hiring a wedding planner is only a posh detail to a prestigious wedding. I am writing this article now, because I can feel that the hard work of the wedding planner is sometimes misconceived and so I am presenting 10 simple reasons why it is indeed important to hire a wedding planner.

My top 10 reasons why the wedding planner is important in a wedding!

Reason #1. The wedding day is a unique day for a couple’s life and so they deserve nothing less than perfection which can mainly be provided by a specialist.

Reason #2. It is quite easy for the couples not to stick on the budget and make unnecessary expenses. The wedding planner keeps a close eye on the budget and safeguards it.

Reason #3. The wedding planner is professionally experienced in organizing weddings and has the persistence and skills to deal with every small or big aspects of the planning period.

Reason #4. The wedding planner provides the couple with trustworthy vendors and this type of information is priceless.

Reason #5. Hiring a wedding planner means no risk of forgetting anything important or delaying payments. The wedding planner’s checklist is one of a kind!

Reason #6. It’s always better for the couple to keep time for themselves, avoid continuous stress and running around.

Reason #7. The couple that hires a wedding planner takes advantage of special discounts and saves some considerable amount of money.

Reason #8. The wedding planner can visualize the couple’s wedding style from the vague descriptions on the wedding theme.

Reason #9.With a wedding planner the couple avoids interference and conflicting opinions from families and friends that can disorientate them.

Reason #10. Destination weddings are hard to be organized unless you find a wedding planner.

The truth behind the wedding planning is that it takes a lot of time and energy. The wedding planner should always be creative in order to design a unique wedding at a time and needs to be constantly focused in thousands of small and big details that the wedding puzzle is comparted by. Undoubtedly there is a lot of excitement and fun during the preparation period but there is a lot of time and attention spent to continuously looking for a better price, a more reliable vendor, a more creative idea, a better caterer, a cheaper price, a happier bride!  The key role of a wedding planner, is to take out the stress of the couple’s big day and take care of every single detail in order to allow the couple, their families and friends enjoy the best out of the wedding!

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