Traditional Wedding

You were born and raised in such a way to be prepared for the best wedding experience you have dreamed of! Traditional Greek Wedding style is an indication of a person that respects customs and traditions, is being raised in a typical traditional family, loves Greek habits and wishes to have unforgettable moments. You wish to invite all your relatives and friends to your wedding and celebrate it for more than one night. Usually, traditional Greek wedding celebrations last for a week and are separated into different themes. For example, you can have in-house receptions with Greek music for your close relatives and then a house party for your close friends, before your wedding day. A lot of food, a lot of music, a lot of “kefi” that is the word to describe the Greek tamperament of entertainment and fun!

The traditional Greek wedding is one of the most powerful expressions of Greece’s customs and formalities. It usually consists of a series of ritual events that have their roots in ancient Greek times and are always accompanied by music and dance, imitating the structure of an ancient drama.  Through all these wedding procedures, a lot of Greek customs managed to be preserved till nowadays such as melodies, lyrics, costumes, symbols, songs, jewelry, customs and traditions.

You can have a traditional Greek Wedding everywhere in Greece and have the best time of your life! Go Greek way, follow the vibes of endless dance, food and drink!