Wedding Celebrant in Greece

Wedding Celebrant in Greece

Your wedding in Greece is about to start and you are very excited about it!

Your guests are so looking forward for this Special Day and you just miss a small but really important element… Your Wedding Celebrant!

So, if you are having a Symbolic Wedding in a beautiful location around Greece, then we can help you with your Ceremony!

By providing assistance on your vows and important guidance on how to plan the ceremony, your wedding will be an absolute fairy tale.

Contact us today to learn more about booking a wedding celebrant by using the title “Wedding Celebrant” and all important details of your wedding day.

An important note: a Wedding Celebrant is not a Registrar. For Civil Weddings in Greece, there are various legal papers you should collect in forehand. Please take a note that civil weddings paper collection and translation could take up to 16 weeks to be collected.

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