Weddings in Greek Islands

Weddings in Greek Islands

Are you planning to have a wedding reception in Greek islands? Congratulations! You have made an excellent decision.

Even if you do not know which Greek  island to pick for your amazing wedding reception, we can organise everything for you Big Day. Starting from the very first steps of the wedding planning process, out team of top wedding planners in Greece, is here to offer you valuable information on everything you should  consider for your destination wedding.

We have prepared a list of top wedding advices for your Destination Wedding in Greece.

This list is consisted of wedding planning advices for couples that wish to have a destination wedding in Greek islands.

Best Wedding Planners for Greek islands!!!

1. Hire a Greek wedding planner. The wedding planner, like we do, saves you time and money in your wedding preparation period.

2. Send your wedding invitation at least 6 months before your wedding. Since you are having a destination wedding in Greek islands, your guests deserve to book early tickets and save money while traveling in Greece will cost them less in case they make an early booking.

3. Use local foods and drinks for your wedding reception.

4. Ask for at least 3 options before deciding on your wedding venue.Decide on the one you like the most.

5. Hire a local wedding videographer/ photographer.

6. Try to avoid heavy wedding decoration and pick up a wedding venue that is simple and elegant.

7. Double check all necessary legal documents with your embassy and your wedding planner at least 1 month before your wedding.

8. If your wedding ceremony in Greek islands is during summer, avoid excessive makeup since the temperature is quite warm.

9. Offer a traditional Greek favor to your guests to thank them for traveling from far away only for your special occasion.

10. Get advantage of your stay in Greece, and organise a small tour after your wedding. You will love this country!

We are proud to organise your wedding in Greek islands. If you are thinking of having a wedding ceremony in Greece, contact us today to start planning your dream beach wedding!

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