How to announce

How to announce

She said yes!!!

You are engaged and you can start planning by every moment now. All your family members and friends will share your happiness and you are looking forward to tell them all the great news! Are you thinking to organize a special event for your engagement? We can plan your engagement party for you everywhere in Greece. You’re engaged and you want the whole world to know!   Rather than just shouting it, Greek Weddings offer you some more effective ways to announce your engagement, and the etiquette of whom to tell first.  Immediately after your engagement you start off by telling the news to those closest to you!


In case you already have Children:


If you already have any children from a previous marriage, they should be the first to know. Ideally, you have prepared them for this possibility. Consider that this may be hard news for them, and reassure them that your new spouse will not replace them in your heart.




Typically, the parents of the bride are told first and immediately after the groom’s. While a visit in person is nice, if your parents live far away, over the phone or on a skype call will work just fine. Both of you should be present and share your enthusiasm and happiness with them. If there is an engagement ring show it to them!


 Grandparents, Siblings, and Other Close Relatives:


Although you want all them to be surprised at once, consider who would be hurt if not know immediately. Arrange a family dinner and announce the news sharing hugs, kisses and lovely wishes for your future.


 Your Close Friends:


A few phone calls will do here, unless you want to surprise everyone and tell them all at once.  Use your facebook profile to update your status if you enjoy the use of social media. We bet that you will soon be bombarded with likes and great wishes! Do not forget to upload a nice picture of you two as a couple thanking them all and wishing them back to feel the same happiness!


In case you have booked your wedding day you should also make an official announcement for the public.


Decide if you want to mail announcements to your friends and family, publish an announcement in your local newspaper (or national newspaper), or announce it as a surprise at an engagement party.


 Publish an Announcement in Your Local Newspaper:


You should consider all details and ask for specific guidelines together with any fees or regulations that might apply. Ask also if they accept pictures and arrange everything in advance.


If they do not give you strict guidelines, follow etiquette’s lead: Typically, announcements include information on the two of you, including career and education credentials, and your parents’ and family names. If your parents live in a different town, you should also include their hometowns. There’s no need to include the wedding date, and some purposefully omit it, as they do not want to be targeted. You might choose to say instead something like “A fall wedding is planned,” which helps diffuse the millions of “So, when’s the wedding” questions you inevitably get. Read the sample wordings below.


 Announce Your Engagement at a Party:


One of the most fun ways to spread the news! You and your fiancé will get the joy of seeing everyone’s faces when they learn you are engaged, and the fun of an engagement party without the awkwardness of asking for gifts. Make sure that you don’t invite anyone to the party who won’t be invited to the wedding, and don’t do it at someone else’s event (such as a birthday party) where they might feel upstaged.