Party Time

Party Time

Greek Weddings can help you take the stress out of the organization of your big party! You are as happy as never before and it is time to have some fun. Greece is the ideal place to throw a party for your friends and family. Even if it is an official engagement ceremony or just an engagement fiesta we are here to help you have the time of your life. The first thing you should consider is how many people you plan to invite in this pre-wedding party and set the date. Usually, during this party we have all our close friends who share the same party taste and mood with us and avoid any type of formalities that will sure occur during the wedding ceremony. You do not need flowers, cakes, hairdressers or make-up artists to enjoy our engagement, so name the date and let us organize the best party of your life in Athens, Mykonos, Thessaloniki or in any other Greek city that matched your lifestyle and personality. Greeks have a long time tradition in entertainment so you always have a great variety of different ways to celebrate that have last more than 1 day for sure, if you have the available budget. Taste the local food in a Greek tavern, listen to live Greek music, break plates, tastes Greek wines and “ouzo” for sure, dance with all your heart and spend the best time in your life at the heart of entertainment.


Engagement ceremony

If you prefer to have a more “formal” way to celebrate your engagement with your fiancé trust our experienced team to organize every single detail for this special day. You have numerous options in Greek islands and mainland for this type of celebration. Amazing sea restaurants and clubs, long coasts, traditional and modern vineyards, old castles, Jockey Clubs, Yacht Clubs, picturesque mountain villages, exclusive resorts, boutique hotels, impressive ancient Greece’s monuments, roof gardens, private villas with swimming pool and many other options for you to spend an unforgettable day.


Engagement fiesta

You can always taste the original Greek engagement style by following the Greek-style engagement fiesta. Destination tourism is so much more than a trend nowadays.  Your family and friends are present during this celebration and normally you have a long rounded shape table that encircles the dance floor. Greek musicians play original Greek  music and you dance all night, enjoying Greek “meze” (local delicatessen foods), olives, wine, ouzo, feta cheese, tzatziki, wine leaves meat balls, mouzaka, and many other Greek foods.  A night to remember for all. You can through your celebration in a nice venue with a view to the sea or to traditional Greek village. In Greek province you always find a place specially designed for this type of events in the center of a village, where people gather daily. Try it and you will be thrilled!


Bachelors and Bachelorettes in Greece

Okay, wait a second! Buckle up and prepare for the wildest party of your life. Greece is THE place to be for this type of celebrations. You simply need to take your swimming suit, your sun glasses and your lose t-shirts with you. Relax and enjoy everything, from the day you reach to your destination till the day you depart. If you are born for parties, and you wish to leave the last moments of freedom in the most dancing place of the earth, then pick up Mykonos for the best Bachelor and/or Bachelorette of your life. Greek Weddings team is here to guide you for a full day party experience, and a longer night one.


If you are a peaceful spirit, and wish to spend your last single days with friends, think about hiring a sailing boat that will island hop you to the Aegean Sea islands daily. Select a group of your closest friends and share with them the sun, clean waters, fresh fish, beautiful beaches for the best celebration of your life. Greek Weddings has a wide range of proposals to make for you depending on your budget in order to prepare every single detail of your unforgettable sailing trip experience to Greece


If you plan to have a winter party, then say A for Athens. Athens keeps the records high for all day celebrations and is the center of Greece nightlife. We bet that you are familiar with the world “Bouzoukia”.  Greek singers, on stage, thousands of flowers thrown from every table to other , party atmosphere and unforgettable moments.  Get a group of your best friends with you and spend an Athenian night in the most well-known stages of the capital of Greece. Greek Weddings can make a special reservation for your bachelor and make sure you have a wonderful experience to tell your friends the next day.