Special Assistance

Special Assistance

For many couples wedding planning is a pleasant experience and wish to get involved as much as possible in organizing their big day. They recognize that the wedding day should be about enjoyment and bliss, not stressing over every little detail going according to the wedding plan and choreographing each segment to perfection. Greek Weddings can offer you its special assistance even if you have taken care of all the pre-wedding preparations, but you still need a wedding planner for your wedding. 

  • Special need of a professional wedding planner touch
  • Unexpected life change that leaves no time for wedding planning
  • Second thoughts of existent vendor
  • Decoration concerns
  • Coordinator for the Big Day

Although you have been planning your wedding for long-time, you realized that you need an expert to help you sort out several issues that might have come up. There is also a possibility that you have an unexpected change in your life, that does not allow you any more spare time to move on your wedding planning as scheduled. You might have second thoughts on the wedding venue, the menu, the decoration, the photographer, the florist, the hairstyle, the music, the wedding cake or anything else. For all these circumstances, Greek Weddings is here to help you take this stress out and offer you the special assistance you are looking for.

In addition, you might have planned everything, but still miss this person who can coordinate your Big Day. You do not want any of your friends, family or guests being distressed with your wedding details on your wedding day, so you need a wedding coordinator for one day. Here, you can find a short list of our services provided to wedding occasions similar to yours.

Greek Weddings, being the business-savvy wedding planner can be the special Day Coordinator you are looking for.

  • We coordinate few weeks before your wedding day and keep a list of all your vendors’ contact details.
  •  We use our check lists to see if you haven’t skipped any important detail for your wedding day.
  • We have a walk through with you on your wedding venue and ensure that everything is perfectly organized.
  • We advise you to relax and take the stress out since you have now time only to enjoy your very last weeks before getting married.

Greek Weddings offers you a detailed timeline and a wedding plan for your day, makes the necessary sitting arrangements, and offers all concierge services at your wedding day so you will be able to enjoy the most wonderful day of your life without worries or stress!