Vow renewal

Vow renewal

Greek Weddings can organize the perfect vow renewal ceremony for you everywhere in Greece.  Our team of experts is the partner you are looking for in order to re-commit to your relationship by expressing the vows of enduring love to each other. Vow renewal is more of a sentimental expression than a legal ceremony, so by combining it with perfect holidays you can have the best destination vow renewal. It is quite alike to the destination wedding where you can invite your children, your closest friends and other family members and share the occasion of spending wonderful holidays in Greece.  Our wedding planners can help you organize the perfect ceremony from the flowers to the videography without stress. Enjoy the blessing of loving your husband or wife for years, revive your wedding memories, boost your love in the most romantic 4-season destination in the world, Greece.

Since you are already married and you pocess all legal documents you will enjoy the pleasure of an alike the wedding ceremony without the stressful paper load and formalities. It is the ideal time to enjoy each other and spend unforgettable moments, while celebrating with your loved ones.

Greek Wedding Services:

  • Venue Booking
  • Ceremony Organization
  • Flower Decoration
  • Menu Suggestion
  • Favors
  • Photography/Videography
  • Suits Care
  • Hair, Makeup, Nail Salon
  • Spa Booking
  • Accommodation
  • Vow Editing
  • Sailing Boat Rent


Greek Weddings can organize the perfect vow renewal ceremony for you  everywhere in Greece. Although summer time offers paradise island destination, you can also have your ceremony in Greece’s mainland any season you wish.