Wedding in Greece – Where to begin?

Wedding in Greece – Where to begin?

Wedding in Greece

We receive a considerable amount of requests from couples who need assistance in planning their wedding in Greece.

Usually, they come with some very specific questions, so we created this post in order to help you prioritize your needs and make you feel comfortable while planning your most unique moments!

Q.1: How long in advance shall I start planning my wedding?

Usually, when planning a destination wedding you are advised to start planning at least one year in advance. You are doing this, not only to make sure you find your desirable venues and vendors but also to help your guests book their tickets and accommodation in better fares.

Q.2: How much shall I spend for my destination wedding?

This is indeed the most difficult question as there is no straight answer. We usually advise couples to define their wedding budget in advance based  on what they can afford spending, and use it as a gear for the decisions to be made later on. Your budget shall meet a significant amount of variable costs, based on the number of guests to attend, the type and quantity of flowers you are going to select, the menu and the type of vendors you wish you choose. Of course, there are also some fixed costs that include the Registrar and the translations, the rent of the venue (if not included in the price of the food) and the cost of the wedding planner. Some planners, prefer to work with the commission, but with us, you will have a clear service fee, based on the services you wish to use from us!

Q.3: Which is the best time of the year for a wedding on a Greek island?

If you are looking for a venue in Santorini or Mykonos, you have to understand that those islands get busy during the peak season which starts at the beginning of June and ends mid-September. You can always plan a wedding during these busy periods, but you have to bear in mind that there will be a lot of tourists, higher rates for accommodation and fewer chances to find the venue you want (unless you book in 2 years in advance). But if you avoid the most popular island destinations, and pick up other islands, equally beautiful, with amazing services as well, you can plan your wedding anytime!

Q.4: We want a simple, elegant wedding in an amazing location, but we have a limited budget. Do you think this is possible?

Yes! An elegant wedding, yet on a budget is possible! You have to understand that as long as you have your beloved ones next to you, a great smile and positive attitude, your wedding with being one to be remembered! An unforgettable wedding is not the one that costs a lot, but the one that has entertained the guests and left back beautiful photo/video memories. So, we always advise our couples on a tight budget to allocate their treasury on the key participles of a wedding: music and memories!

We hope you enjoyed our piece of advice! Remember that the most beautiful days of your life are those filled with love, smiles and joy!

Happy Wedding Planning couples! <3


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