Wedding Proposal in Greece

Wedding Proposal in Greece

The best way to propose

Are you thinking to take the big step? In case you have found your alter ego, first of all Congratulations!!! it is one of the most beautiful things in the world to know that you have a person next to you that you love with all your heart, respect in every way, communicate and share your life. It is the evolution of a nice relationship and wedding is few steps away, so trust the opinion of Greek Weddings and move on.

Greece is the ideal place to make extraordinary vacations and organize an impressive wedding proposal for your sweetheart. Based on the fact that the proposal is going to be a life time story to tell, definitely it should be a worth telling one! What most people are waiting for is something special, different and original. Ideally, something that no one has never before thought about. Although we suggest you few ways to propose, you are the closest person to your future partner, so you know better the character and lifestyle in order to pick up the best way to propose.

In case you are thinking to organize something special for the day, Greek Weddings is here for you. Just name the date you wish to make the proposal and we can prepare from you everything. From a romantic dinner for two underneath the Acropolis or opposite the Volcano in Santorini to a helicopter tour and a scuba diving experience. In case you plan to keep a lower profile, follow our piece of advice that follows and do not forget to let us know on the result afterwards.

For sure we can categorize several ways to make a wedding proposal in order to help you decide. But, before that… wait a second. Have you found a wedding ring? If not, you should definitely find one first. Although diamond rings are the most common ring for proposals and engagements, future brides love them! Isn’t it a bit strange the fact that all brides are looking for an original way to offer the most common ring?


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